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Top-of-the-line e-bike and accessories, great selections, brand name products, friendly and professional staff.

Atats M

This is a great little shop. Andrew the owner was great. No pressure, very informative about his products. Highly recommend this shop

Family G

Best customer service and best electric-vehicle products, hands down. Would not go anywhere else for my e-bike needs. Andrew, the owner is very knowledgeable and aims to please. Make sure to give their sodas a try!

Vincent Y

Beyond Bikes is a high-end shop for electric bikes. The store is lined with the latest electric bikes: Monday motorbike and Motiv. The store is one of the elite distributors in Orange County. These two-wheeled vehicles can get up to 28 mph and cover a distance of 40 miles depending on the road and if one is going uphill. If the store has one shortcoming it is that it sells out of its best bikes, the G7. They do, however, take pre-orders. They also do custom orders and alterations. I believe repairs as well. The owner, Andrew, is an electrical engineer and quite knowledgeable about the wiring and power supply. His wife is a lawyer, so he’s clear on the laws and freedoms about riding them in bike lanes and such. The cheapest bike is around $1,700 and the highest is $2,700+. They can be recharged with an ordinary wall outlet. They have the potential to save a great deal of gasoline by using them for local errands and grocery shopping. The shop is clean and has some excellent sodas.

Brett C

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